...raising a supernatural army

“The harvest truly is plentiful but the laborers are few.” Matt: 9:37


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Our Mission

The KingsWord Vision:

“Raise Me a supernatural army.”

There it is! The vision that qualifies us and makes us unique! KingsWord is not a mere seeker-sensitive gathering that plays down on the manifest presence of God. Rather, we desire to see God move in our midst in reality – no taste for mere religion! We are a church that believes every member is meant to fulfill his or her God-given calling and purpose and utilize the unique “raising” grace upon the church to realize a glorious destiny here on earth, in anticipation for a great reward in heaven. This is our hope for every member of this supernatural army.

The KingsWord Mission

  • To present the good news of Jesus, the Anointed One to a dying world.
  • To bring men and women out of the bondage of ignorance, religion and tradition so that they can come into real fellowship with God.
  • To raise spirit-filled worshipers that have the Word of God as their final authority and a revelation of their supernatural identity.
  • To demonstrate the power of God and fill the earth with God’s glory through the ministry of the Word and the Holy Spirit.
  • To equip, train and develop believers for the work of the ministry and provide an environment for kingdom service.
  • To help believers discover, develop and deploy their God-given purpose.
  • To communicate the principles of the kingdom using every available medium and technology.
  • To provide an excellent and inspiring environment where both young and matured professionals utilize their education and God-given talents to glorify God.
  • To build healthy family units that glorify God through effective ministry to children, teenagers, single and married adults.
  • To raise multiracial and multi generational congregations all over the world which allows individuals of all ethnicity and ages to have healthy covenant-based relationships.

The KingsWord Values

Our values are strong Biblical virtues, fully captured by the acronym, SUPERNATURAL. If these values resonate in you as craved godly desires, you can pay a visit to KingsWord to have an experience.

S – Spirit filled lifestyle that commands dominion

U – Uncompromising Word of God as final authority

P – Purpose driven supernatural army

E – Excellence in worship to God and service to humanity

R – Relevant and connected to the society

N – New creation realities consciousness established with grace culture

A – Atmosphere for miracles in our gathering that makes receiving from God natural

T – Team and family spirit that emphasizes effective collaboration

U – Unconditional love of God as our unshakable foundation

R – Relationships that are covenant centered and purpose motivated

A – Accountability to God and leadership

L – Leadership that is exemplary everywhere