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“The harvest truly is plentiful but the laborers are few.” Matt: 9:37


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How to get involved

If you are a guest, you just want to give your life to Christ or you want to take your relationship deeper with God, KingsWord is always a place to be. Virtually in every Sunday service we give opportunity for people to genuinely commit their lives to God, so being in our service onsite or online affords you the opportunity of making things right with God. As a guest you are received warmly into our fold with the anticipation that God’s reason and purpose for your coming will be fulfilled in your life.

How You as a Guest or Decision Maker can get involved with Church

  1. Receive our welcome pack or decision making card and fill in your information appropriately on the card or slip provided.
  2. Expect to receive phone calls and probably visits from our assimilation team, the zonal pastor or his or her representative, and the fellowship group you belong to.
  3. Attend our Welcome Party for guests or Discipleship Class for new converts when it is announced.
  4. If you find KingsWord a home, attend church services regularly and other programs of the church as they are held.
  5. A home church close to your place of residence is ready to take you in. Join them for times of fellowship.
  6. When you sense the need to join a service team based on gifting and interest, don’t hesitate to approach the leader of that service team. It is a step up to relevance.
  7. You belong to at least one peer fellowship group based on age or status, and they will soon come calling to have you participate in their programs. Don’t shy away from them.