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“The harvest truly is plentiful but the laborers are few.” Matt: 9:37


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The child has one intuitive aim: self development


Leading People to Christ is our Commitment
While our God-given vision is to raise a supernatural army, the essential goal is to spread the sweet fragrance of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The ultimate resolve therefore is compelling people to encounter the power of Christ and have a personal relationship with His person. The worship, fellowship, discipleship, and ministry happening within the church and among church members are being channeled towards fulfilling the following outreach purposes and means. Apart from the evangelistic outreaches we have from to time, we also engage the community with packaged contents, programs and presentations facilitated by in-house gifts and talents through ministry in drama, music, prayer, media and service to children.


Avenues to be blessed by the church

KingsWord engages its community with packaged contents, programs and presentations facilitated by in-house gifts and talents through ministry in drama, music, prayer, media and service to children.


Ours is a drama team with much promise to preach the gospel to our generation through the arts. CreativeX, as it is known, keeps delivering anointed and excellent drama productions that thrill their audience each time. Apparently, the hand of the Lord is upon this team. May their voice be heard in this generation!

A production of CreativeX



Anointed music is a hallmark of KingsWord and our music team has learned to wait on God so as to lead the congregation into the manifest presence of God through praise and worship. Apart from the corporate ministration in church services, a number of our lead singers are packaging their special songs in order to bless people beyond the four walls of the church. One of such is Simpli Michael’s track song titled A Lifetime of Ease.

A Lifetime of Ease by Simpli Michael


Children’s Church

Children’s world is full of drama, and ours are no exception, only that our children are being taught and challenged to regulate their child-like characters and behaviors by the Word of God. Our children’s church instructors cultivate an atmosphere where children can easily imbibe good morals, godly living and supernatural expressions.

A Children’s Church Presentation



KingsWord Training Institute opens twice a year with a six-week program that hands out insights and workable knowledge on spiritual growth and maturity, leadership, evangelism and ministry pursuit, and destiny fulfilment. The training which holds every Sunday during the training window affords every member to be trained, equipped and thoroughly furnished for every good work.

A packaged KTI training manual sample



Prayer is very vital in the believer’s life and it therefore takes a center stage in KingsWord. Apart from the Pursuit prayer meetings held in church, there is the packaged PraywithDrKay prayer conference that affords anyone the opportunity to pray on his own, pray with the servant of God and pray together with other saints online, all at the same time.

Pray with Dr. Kay on demand


The media arm of our church is growing to meet the demands by our vision to raise a supernatural army. From packaged broadcasts, to multimedia, livestreaming and editing, the team is working by His grace to ensure the message of the supernatural given KingsWord is seen and heard everywhere.

Media Broadcast from Grace Culture

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