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“The harvest truly is plentiful but the laborers are few.” Matt: 9:37


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Crossover Service

Every month end in KingsWord is an opportunity to launch into greater realms of glory with the special all night Crossover Service. Pastor Tunde Akinyemi has made it known that the Crossover is not a change in months but a change of status and levels.   The all night usually falls within the Days of Glory, the church’s proclaimed three days of corporate fasting every month.

Workforce Conference

It usually holds during Dr. Kay Ijisesan’s first visit of the year to Nigeria. The conference is about communicating the grace of God to every worker in the church so that all can serve by grace which is more productive than serving in one’s natural strength which leads to stress. It is also a time of impartation as gifts in every worker are stirred for higher capacity and a greater dimension of use according to manifesting measure of grace.

Victory Rally

It marks the end of the first half of the year and the beginning of the second half, with Pastor Tunde Akinyemi ministering. Themes are given each year as led by the Holy Spirit to the end that people of God can finish the first half of the year well and start the second half strong.

Women’s Conference

The Nigerian edition of the Annual Women’s Conference of KingsWord Ministries Int’l is usually held every mid-year with Pastor May Ijisesan and other guest speakers ministering. Women across the city of Lagos and beyond usually gather to receive of God’s grace to move their lives and ministries forward.


Supernatural Night of Wonders (S.N.O.W.)

Miracles, healings and deliverances happen freely this night as men and women look upon Jesus to fix their issues and conditions. The meeting usually has God’s servant, Dr. Kay Ijisesan, making calls for diverse kinds of ailments and conditions and different kinds of healing taking place, some symptoms and conditions disappearing instantaneously. S.N.O.W. is always a proof to our world that Jesus is still in the business of doing miracles. The same yesterday, today and forever He is!

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Grace Culture

The message of grace embedded in the values and culture of KingsWord as a New Testament church is uniquely communicated at the day-long session of Grace Culture program. Dr. Kay iJisesan usually delves into layers of revelations on the grace of God to communicate precepts in the Old and New Testament that make it clear that our standing with God is by His grace and His grace alone. This gospel of grace helps the audience position their faith and confidence firmly on the power and grace of God rather than their own making, strength or wherewithal, so that same grace can work more wonders in their lives.

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The Supernatural Convention

Here is the annual convention of KingsWord that has held every single year since 1994! It is one program where the anointing upon the church comes to its fullest expression as men and women gathered all over the country and beyond are prepared and ready to receive from God. Usually held in November or December, it marks the beginning of the New Year as we receive and welcome the watchword for the coming year. 2017 was declared our Year of Great Flight during the Supernatural 2016 convention.

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