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“The harvest truly is plentiful but the laborers are few.” Matt: 9:37


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Testimonies from S.N.O.W.

It started gradually, something I felt I should probably ignore, but after sometime I realized that it wasn’t going to go away. I went to the hospital and the doctor diagnosed a growth on the left side of my tummy. Soon the growth started protruding and I was increasingly becoming uncomfortable. During SNOW Reverend Kay specifically prayed about healing asking us to touch the part of our bodies that had any infirmity, by faith I believed and was prayed for and now the protruding growth of two years is gone. God is faithful.

For over a year I had suffered a funny weak sensation on my legs, making it difficult for me to stand or walk for long, but during the programme I received my healing. My legs are healed now.

I had suffered acute toothache for five years. The pain had been so intense that it would make me sick for days, eventually I was scheduled for surgery, but miraculously during SNOW I received my healing. God has been good to me. He is my Ralfa.

It may sound strange to the natural man, but during the service the hole in my tooth got completely blocked. I’ve had the hole for six months and in one night, my tooth is completely whole. Who says miracles done exists?

I had suffered asthma for 29 years. I had been a most uncomfortable journey for 29 years of my life. However, during the programme, the Man of God prayed and I believed. I felt a sudden relief as it passed through my body. Then I knew I had received my healing.